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The page opend on 23th june 2006 and here are all layouts!

Version 35.0
Online xxth march 2015 – 07th october 2016


Version 34.0
Online 18th july 2014 – xxth march 2015


Version 33.0 – new face
Online 16th august 2013 – 18th july 2014


Version 32.0 – ???
Online 13th december 2012 – 16th august 2013


Version 31.0 – classy
Online 3rd july 2012 – 13th december 2012

This design was made by Shawn Corson. It was planed to be up on the site`s birthday but didn´t worked. It was ok but for me it was too big. So it was time for some changes.

Version 30.0 – shake it out
Online 17th december 2011 – 3rd july 2012

This design was made by ArtFreak. I really like dit as it was a different style than the designs before. I really loved the colours which where summerfull. Beside of this I liked this small content and the easy style which simply matched to the amazing images of Jason.

Version 29.0 – Jason`s world
Online 23rd june 2011 – 17th december 2011

This design was made by ShawnCorson.Com. I really liked it as the colours were summer colours and it was especially dedicated to the site¥s 5th birthday this year. But after more than 5 month it was time for a change.

Version 28.0 – Put your hands up for Jason
Online 4th march 2011 – 23rd june 2011

This design was made by ShawnCorson.Com. I really loved it as it was a complet difefrent new style. Also this images are perfect and when Jason smiles it¥s some of my fave imgaes. The colours were a bit differnet from normal and in this way matched good into spring/ sommer.

Version 27.0 – cupid boy
Online from 11th octobver 2010 – 4th march 2011

This layout was made by TXX Production! I loved this professional time and also I love dthe images which was used. Also I had the idea to put a video in the header but later I noticed it wasn¥t really good.

Version 26.0 – All the lovers
Online from 22nd may 2010 – 11th octobver 2010

This amazing layout was made by TXX Production! This layout was amazing and looks absolutly professional. So it stayed really long online. First it was planed as birthday layout for teh site¥s 4th birthday but it was so amazing that I can¥t wait longer. hehe

Version 25.0 – I come alive
Online from 14th february 2010 – 22nd may 2010

This amazing layout was made by Maxi! I just love this layout because it was so simple! And the color green we had never before an other layout! So it was something totally new. I didn¥t really like the image of Jason but the whole style and coding (which was made by me) was great!^^

Version 24.0 – cosmic
Online from 16th january 2010 – 14th february 2010

This amazing and cosmic layout was made by our wonderful David. Because of this funky and not typical style I called it cosmic, as David said. 😉 I think it was an absolutly great and not normal layout. But its sad that it wasn¥t long online – but after I get amazing new images I want a new layout.^^

Version 23.0 – soldier
Online from 30 Nobember 2009 – 16th january 2010

I love this layout and the style. I use the Longchamp images and because of Jasons outfit I called it soldier. The colors were a bit dark but I think it matches good to the rest of the layout. But as you all now me I often change my layouts – so David done somthing!

Version 22.0 – Better than today
Online from 16th October 2009 – 30 Nobember 2009

I made this layout because I was a bit bored of the last one and also I made it because of the absolutly amazing new images of Jason and Kylie. But I must say that I didn¥t like it really much so I change it again after a time.

Version 21.0 – Shine vol. 2
Online from 28th July 2009 – 16th October 2009

This layout was made by Shelly and it was absolutly amazing! A bit dark but I really like the background and the style.

Version 20.0 – Shine
Online from 2nd May 2009 – 28th July 2009

I just love this layout and the first time I also was really proud of the layout and me. I just love it! XD I love the coding and the colours. But as you all know me I change my layouts really fast!^^

Version 19.0 – perfection
Online from 24th February 2009 – 2nd May 2009

I make this layout because I was a bit bored of the last one. But I like it because of the colour (blue) and the animation.

Version 18.0 – Sunshine
Online from 21th December 2008 – 24th February 2009

This absolutly great layout was made by Alina and I just love it. I love the colours, I love the style and I love the images. I choose this images because they were new and absolutly cute. I call the layout sunshine because Jason smiles so often and I looooove his smile.

Version 17.0 – Do it now
Online from 1st November 2008 – 21th December 2008

What can I say aboutr this layout. I made it because the last one was to green for me. *gg* I test to make a new one and like it and I love the font!^^ So I put it online. 😉

Version 16.0 – Love me, I¥m the one
Online from 13th August 2008 – 1st November 2008

This layout was made by Natalie and I love it. But I think it was to green after a time. I called it „Love me, I¥m the one“ because of Kylie Minogues new musicvideo „The One“ where Jason plays in.^^ I love the song and the video so I think the title is perfect for the layout.^^

Version 15.0 – Baby show me what you got
Online from 23th June 2008 – 13th August 2008

This was the second birthday layout. I don¥t really like it because the header look bad and I hate this style of layout. But I can¥t make anything other. So I think it was again time for a change but this time for a good change.

Version 14.0 – Just be yourself
Online from 19th April 2008 – 23th June 2008

Yeah what can I say?! After such a long time a new layout by me. The first time I just love it but after some weeks I hate it because of the background and with the code – ahh to stupid to explain! *gg* It wasn¥t something special and because of the second site bday it was time for a change.

Version 12.0 – Cool
Online from 17th February 2008 – 19th April 2008

This layout was made by Yukio and I like it. I think after a few weeks it was to pink and dark. So I think it was time for a change. An other reason was the upcoming spring.^^

Version 11.0 – WOW
Online from 9th October 2007 – 17th February 2008

After a long time a layout was made by me. It wasn¥t something special. The style were like the last one. I used images of the first „WOW“ performances and call the layout „WOW“. Jason looks really great in this clothes and thats also „WOW“!

Version 10.0 – ultimate
Online from 9th October 2007 – 30th December 2007

This layout was made by Caroline and love this layout, because this layout was other than all one before. I can put so much on it and all was in a good order. Really great!

Version 9.0 – Relax, take it easy
Online from 5th July 2007 – 9th October 2007

This layout was made by Danny and love this layout. The header was so wonderful, but the first time I wasn¥t happy with the colours. After some days I love it more than more, but it was time for change to something new.

Version 8.0 – one summer ago
Online from 23th June 2007 – 5th July 2007

That was the layout for the sites first birthday. I really like it, because it was really light and colourfull. Perfect to the summer.^^ Also I love the animated image. A big thx goes to Madeline, who code me the Layout.^^

Version 7.0 – dark & cool
Online from 17th March 2007 – 23th June 2007

This Layout was made by Karin and I really love it. It was really dark, so I think it was time for a colourful new Laoyut. What can I say more? Because of Jasons look I called the Layout „cool & dark“! I think it was perfect!^^

Version 6.0 – Close to you
Online from 10th January 2007 – 17th March 2007

I really love this layout. One reason it that my lovley Jola make this great layout. She used the image from the meeting with Jason and Nikki. I called the layout close to you, because Jola and me had teh choise to meet them. 😉

Version 5.0 – (Let¥s play) dirty games
Online from 14th November 2006 – 10th January 2007

Yeah what can I say about this layout? I like it, no, I love it. I was so proud of it. I love this images. One of the first images that I see from the homecoming tour. Yeah and if you see, all dancer pages was in a blue phase. *lol* So also a reason for a change. 😉 Yeah, but all in one I love this layout! 😀

Version 4.0 – smilie Jason
Online from 17th August 2006 – 14th November 2006

This really great layout was made by my lovley Jola. I just love this Laoyut! Why? We can see Jasons adorable smilie! I just love it! Yellow isn¥t my really fave colour but Jola make it to one of my fave colours. 😀
But after 3 month I think it was time for a change! 😉

Version 3.0 – Angel
Online from 17th July 2006 – 17th August 2006

That Layout was really long online. Yeah one month and I must say I love it. It was really simple. But my favething on the layout was that it was blue. My absolutly favecolour. But I think it was time for a change. First I want to wait till the next holidays but Jola was so fast with this new Layout and as I see it I MUST put it online. 😉

Version 2.0 – Baby I¥m amazed by you
Online from 1st July 2006 – 17th July 2006

I really love it. I love the image, I love the style and I love the colours. It gaves one thing that I didn¥t like and that was that the content was so small. I hate it. But it gaves an other reason why I change the layout. And this is that I was bored.

Version 1.0 – What a Man
Online from 23th June 2006 – 1st July 2006

This was the first layout for the page. I like it because of the images I use, but the rest was really shit. It born in a bad phase of me. No inspriation, no mutivation, no fun! So I hate this layout since a few days.


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